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Better Sleep Starts With Great Service

Parkland CPAP Services is conveniently located at 226 Broadway Street W in Yorkton, SK. With offices also in Moosomin, Humboldt, Tisdale, and Kindersley. We are working hard toward our commitment to rural accessibility of high-quality health care 

Our offices are all open Monday through Friday from 9am – 4pm. Our doors are open during the lunch hour for your convenience. Offices are closed all weekends and statutory holidays. Keeping the knowledge and skills of our sleep team in top notch condition to provide you the best care possible will sometimes cause an office closure due to training. We appreciate your patience and understanding when this happens.

 Our team of experts is here to help support you with any questions you may have. Feel free to stop by anytime—the coffee is always on!

Our Staff

Yorkton Office

Tracey Alcorn

Tracey Alcorn


Tracey is the owner of Parkland CPAP Services and an educated sleep technician, who works with her team of professionals to bring accessible and affordable services to rural Saskatchewan residents.

Tracey has a passion for helping people, for education and for service to her community. She has a deep affection for rural Saskatchewan and the people who live in or near the many small towns, villages and hamlets that define our beautiful province. Tracey completed her sleep technician training through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in 2007 and continues her education on a regular basis, completing online modules, reading relevant medical journals, and taking classes through the University of Saskatchewan.

In her spare time, Tracey loves to spend time outdoors enjoying various activities like camping, hiking, kayaking, spending hours putting on as many miles as possible on her ski do, enjoying a backyard fire etc. She enjoys time with friends and family and is happy to cook and entertain for a large group. Some of the best days are when all her children and grandchildren are at home enjoying each other’s company, playing games, and laughing. Tracey loves to travel, see new places and appreciates the experiences of other cultures.

Barb Kornik

Barb Kornik

Growing up in Flin Flon, Barb knows the challenges of accessing medical care in rural areas. She is happy to be part of a clinic that offers everything the big cities offer and more when it comes to sleep apnea products and services. Barb enjoys being part of a team that works well together, has fun and makes coming to work not seem like work at all.

In 2008, after spending 18 years in southern Ontario, Barb and her husband decided to relocate back to the prairies to be closer to family.

Her husband’s family farm is near Dauphin and many happy times are spent there. Trips back to Flin Flon are made a few times a year to visit family, friends, and fishing.

Barb completed her polysomnography technician (PSGT) course in 2008 through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). And worked as a sleep technician with Tracey from 2008 to 2012. Barb was happy to join Tracey in 2017 when Parkland CPAP was opened.

Leanne Mitchell

Leanne Mitchell

Leanne grew up on a dairy farm in rural Saskatchewan, so knows how busy harvest time can get. Therefore, she has knowledge of the need to have easy access to health care for rural Saskatchewan people. She has lived in Yorkton since 1993 and is married with two children.

She has completed courses in Quickbooks and Excel, along with many years of customer service.

Leanne joined the CPAP team in the summer of 2020 and enjoys working with people who are more like friends and family than co-workers.

Alyssa Jones

Alyssa Jones

Alyssa was born and raised in Weyburn Saskatchewan before moving away to do some travelling and has settled in Yorkton where she is happy to now call Parkland “home”! Growing up a part of the rural community, along with having many family members dispersed throughout rural Saskatchewan, Alyssa has seen firsthand the importance and need of having accessible healthcare within these communities.

Between house reno’s, entertaining her animals, or doing some sort of crafting, Alyssa loves to spend her spare time out in nature, whether it be mountain biking, camping, disc golfing, gardening, or just walking the dog, she is always happy to get some fresh air and movement!

Alyssa has been a part of the Parkland CPAP team since September of 2022, and is looking forward to the opportunity of bringing care to even more communities throughout the province.

Karen Rice

Karen Rice

Karen was born and raised in Saskatoon and relocated to Yorkton in April of 2021 with her partner and 3 children.  Karen has a passion for organization and customer service with over 10 years in retail. She eagerly joined the CPAP team in April of 2023.

As a mother of a child with high medical needs, Karen knows how difficult it can be where travel is required to attend appointments. She is excited to help fill the gaps of medical care in rural Saskatchewan communities. 

After many years in retail and customer service, Karen was looking for a change in pace that combined both her customer service and organization skills as well as challenged her to learn new things. Finding Parkland CPAP Services felt like the perfect fit and after only a week, she knew it would be something that would be both challenging and rewarding and something she could see a future in.

Karen is a typical “soccer mom” with kids in multiple activities, and even coaches her 4-year old’s soccer team. Whatever spare time she may get is spent in the garden, watching reality TV, or thrift shopping.

You will see Karen at the front desk of our Yorkton office and hear her voice if you call. Karen is excited to help you with all your CPAP accessories and masks and to bring awareness of sleep disorders and support you in your sleep apnea journey.



Chester is a Havanese breed and our therapy dog in training. He was born May 27, 2019 and started working at Parkland CPAP Serivces at the end of August when he was only 3 months old. Chester has fur instead of hair so really does not shed. Originally the breed was intended for show dogs, and if let to grow, his fur would reach the floor. We like him fluffy, but we do not let it get too long because he loves to run and play and explore on his long walks.

Chester gets at least one but usually two long walks a day, he gets played with daily and bathed every Sunday and since he comes to work every day, he is never alone, so lives a pretty awesome life for a dog. He enjoys meeting new people and, if not napping, will likely greet you when you arrive at the office.

Chester also loves treats – A LOT – and we have his healthy treats here, so if you like dogs, we can give you some treats, and you can ask him to sit or lay down or shake a paw and he will; he will gladly sit nice if it means a treat. Chester’s favorite time of the day is lunch time, and he seems to know exactly when it is lunch time (and quitting time – this is when he gets a nice long walk in the park).

Moosomin office

Deanne Mudkins (Dee)

Deanne Mudkins (Dee)

Moosomin Sleep technician and office manager

Dee lives with her husband and two children in Moosomin where she was born and raised. Dee knows first hand, the biggest hearts are found in smaller communities and is proud to be part of rural Saskatchewan.

Dee has an affinity for animals and has 2 dogs, multiple cats and two fish aquariums. She is an advanced-level crazy cat lady and has worked with newborn kittens to seniors, rescues, volunteer groups and fosters. She has a certified emotional support cat, Dibbs, that has worked long hours in and out of the home helping those with high anxiety and emotional paroxysm.

Having a creative outlet is essential for Dee; from blankets to home décor items to movie prosthetics and cat hats, she’s always making something – usually while enjoying a movie with a coffee and crochet hook in hand.

Dee is so excited to be part of the Parkland CPAP team where care and compassion for clients is vital and co-workers are family. She looks forward to walking with you in your CPAP journey!

Suzanne Rotteau

Suzanne Rotteau

Suzanne started at Parkland CPAP in the summer of 2023. She works at the Moosomin clinic as a Sleep Clinician.
Suzanne brings her interests in sleep and health along with experience in education and customer service to the Parkland team.

She adores living in small -town Saskatchewan with her family and pets. Suzanne provides a warm, loving home to 4 crazy cats and a chaos-loving Husky puppy.

She enjoys baking delightful treats and delicious breads. She likes entertaining guests and always ensures people feel welcome in her home.

Suzanne is dedicated to contributing to the improvement of rural health care, despite the challenges it can pose. She is looking forward to assisting the community through education, care, and client support.

Humboldt Office

Alyssa Lobdell

Alyssa Lobdell

Alyssa grew up in Melville and surrounding area. Growing up in the sport of competitive figure skating, Alyssa knows the struggles of travelling for medical appointments. She is very happy to take part in brining sleep apnea services to rural Saskatchewan.

If she is not in the office or on the ice, you can find Alyssa spending time outdoors or at the gym. Whether rain or shine, she will find a way to add movement to her day. She has a passion for the medical field and is very excited to help you with your CPAP needs along your journey.

Ireland Collins

Ireland Collins

Ireland grew up in the small town of Waldheim Saskatchewan and fell in love with small town living. She has now settled into the small village of Lake Lenore with her wonderful husband and four crazy cats. Ireland has a passion for helping people and is eager to serve her rural community’s sleep apnea needs.

In her spare time Ireland enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends. In the summer she loves to be outdoors, especially at the lake, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. She loves to go fishing, boating, or to just sit on the deck with a good book. In the winter Ireland loves to curl up inside her house under a warm blanket and read, cook, work on little projects, or enjoy a few card games with family.

Ireland is very proud to be a part of the Parkland CPAP team where the client always comes first. She can’t wait to work alongside anyone who comes through the door and help them finally get the good sleep they have been dreaming of.

Tisdale office

Grace Goeson

Grace Goeson

Office manager and sleep clinician

Grace is the office manager and sleep clinician at our Tisdale office. Spending most of her childhood and teen years in Tisdale, Grace knows the struggle of the back and forth medical trips to the city and is excited to be a part of bringing sleep apnea services to rural Saskatchewan.

Over the last seven years Grace has split her time between New Brunswick, where her partner is from, and Tisdale. They have three cats who are more like children than pets. In her spare time, she enjoys genealogy, reading, ‘nerdy’ movies and relaxing outdoors.

With years of customer service experience, Grace is eager and excited to assist you on your sleep journey and will always greet you with a smile.

Heather Wagner

Heather Wagner

Heather is a sleep technician at our Tisdale office. She was born and raised in Tisdale and knows the importance of having access to a range of good health care support services in a busy farming community.

Heather began her career as a primary teacher in Saskatchewan but became an educator in Japan and Australia working with a variety of cultures and backgrounds. After retiring from educational policy and disability she pointed her compass back to her hometown after a wonderful 21 years overseas.

Her passion continues to be travel, reading, gardening and the beautiful outdoors. She is an avid reader and enjoys playing the piano on rainy days. In the beautiful summer, she takes advantage of the many lakes and spends her time fishing, quadding and enjoying a campfire with friends.

Kindersley office

Brandie Boulton

Brandie Boulton

Brandie is the office manager and sleep clinician in our Kindersley Office. Understanding that commuting hours for healthcare services in rural areas can be very difficult and frustrating, makes it very exciting for Brandie to help offer sleep services closer to home.

Brandie enjoys spending her spare time with her husband and dog, camping, boating, reading, and learning and executing new crafty projects.

Brandie will always welcome you with warmth and enthusiasm every time you walk through the doors and looks forward to helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Our Testimonials

Tracey and Barb were extremely knowledgeable, patient and answered every question I had, they took their time to make sure I completely understood everything about sleep apnea and the CPAP machine.
If it wasn’t for them I would still be getting up at least 8 times a night, tired, and stopping breathing 94 times an hour! They have completely changed my sleep and life from day one and I would recommend Parkland CPAP Services to everyone.

Darcy C.

Parkland CPAP and especially Tracy was a Godsend to me. She understands and knows what a you are going through when one is diagnosed with a sleep disorder. Her knowledge of the subject and how it relates to you personally is one of her best qualities as a professional in this field.

Tracy took the time to CARE about my needs and answered all my questions with understanding and professionalism. She makes you feel at ease and her comment that there are “no dumb questions “puts you at ease. After my session with her, I was equipped with the machine, the app for checking on my sleep results and the mask, but more importantly the knowledge of what my life was going to be like going forward.

She made it crystal clear that she was there for me if I had any concerns 24-7. I was assured that if my mask was not the right fit I could try another one, explained all the settings on the machine and how to use them and what the advantages of each was. She was the PERFECT teacher.

Since that time, I have relied on Tracy for my supplies and she keeps in touch with me periodically asking how things are going with my machine. These are the reasons why I would highly recommend Parkland CPAP and especially Tracy to anyone who requires this service.

She is the consummate professional and one that has made my life the BEST it can be in regards to my sleep apnea. What she did for me,I know she does the same for other clients. That is what Tracy is all about.👍😀 

Garry G.

I was referred to Parkland CPAP back in November, by my Doctor, as I was suffering from extreme fatigue.

That day was the start of a better well being! Tracy was so patient with me as I asked a million questions, being unfamiliar with this new information. After testing and trialling, I was sent home geared for the best sleep of my life. Well, eventually….after swapping out a couple of masks, and a thousand more questions….they both were so patient and caring. The individual one on one service is so appreciated! I can’t say enough positive about Parkland CPAP and the experience I have had. And best of all, my partner thanks you as well as now he can sleep without windows rattling!

Thank you- you are the best!

Karen H.

I found Parkland CPAP Services very informative and Professional in their knowledge and information of the CPAP machines. They were very patient and helpful.

Name withheld by request

If you want trustworthy answers and up to date product information then Parkland CPAP is the only place you need to go. Testing is accurate and if you need extra help, their customer service is excellent. I recommend Parkland CPAP to everyone.

Name withheld by request

I highly recommend Parkland CPAP Services Inc. for your sleep apnea needs. Their new location is warm and inviting.

The very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and caring staff are ready to assist you with any issues or concerns you may have with sleep apnea or sleep apnea equipment, whether it be in person, by phone or by email.

Thank you Parkland CPAP for improving my quality of sleep and ability to function more efficiently during the day.

Name withheld by request

When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I was directed to go to Parkland CPAP services. Although I was apprehensive about using a CPAP machine, the sleep technician explained the benefits and put me at ease right away.

She was very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable and presented the machines I could use. She supplied me with her personal phone number if I had a problem and luckily I had it because I had to phone her one evening.

When my machine broke down, I was given a replacement. A new machine was ordered and I had it within a week. I have been using my CPAP since Dec. 2017 and I find I am more rested and energetic every day. My husband especially likes it because I don’t wake him up with my snoring.

Name withheld by request

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